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Every Customer has at least one unique or specific need that is at the top of their 'to-get-done' list when they decide that an outside set of eyes or ears may be helpful. 

Whether people, strategy or marketplace related, each is critical and often interconnected.  And when the client calls we do three things: 

Strategic Business Consulting
Executive business woman

1.  We listen.  And we do so without any preconceived notions or bias.
2.  We understand. Assessing all of the pieces of the puzzle is our greatest strength.
3.  We act.  Efficiency and speed define how your priorities become our priorities.

The next step is to use one of our exclusive platforms to build your solution:

Private Access

Highly confidential, one-on-one strategic or operating counsel or executive coaching exclusively offered to Leaders and Stakeholders and Board Members or their designees.

one-on-one executive counsel


Our proprietary proof-of-concept tools that enable Leadership to 'truth-test' their ideas for new market or operating strategies or brand and line extensions before they are launched.

strategice planning for executives

The Avalanche™ Series

A four-hour commitment of customized human development, strategic planning and marketplace reconnaissance seminars that increase your team's capacity to achieve your most immediate objectives.

Learning and development seminars


Single-themed morning or evening keynote presentations to audiences of a sponsoring organization on topics or directional guidance that are important to their professional learning and development.

Executive coaching for presentations

Strict confidentiality is a promise that we make to every Client in every assignment.


We are happy however, to provide contact information for one-on-one reference calls when and if asked.


Executive Compensation Plan Design and Board Compensation Committee Work


Successful business person


(678) 595-2587 | Atlanta, Georgia

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