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Our Team will meet the needs of your Team. Email us today and get started with a complimentary and confidential meeting of the minds. Together we will build a custom solution for you that is 100% service guaranteed.  Zero risk and all rewards!

Top Productivity Strategies for Leaders in 2024

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Bringing Leaders an Energy & Perspective that will always challenge the Status Quo

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What We Do

We provide human capital consulting, strategic planning and project management to  leadership of all levels. We deliver highly focused, project specific, resource-rich business counsel at a depth and duration that is always determined by the customer.

Why Choose NCP?

We are not your 'typical'  business consultant. Simply put, our way of doing business has been called the 'anti-consultant' model


We learn quickly. We won't "move in" with you or stay beyond the point that we add measurable value.


We won't become a black hole on your expense budget.


We won't take the credit for an idea or positive outcome that results from our work when you and your team should be in the spotlight instead.


We deliver highly focused, project specific, resource-rich business counsel at a depth and duration that is always determined by the customer.



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The ONLY FOUR Interview Questions you'll ever need to find the right people EVERY time!

By Allan J. DeNiro

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The ONLY FOUR Interview Questions you'll ever need to find the right people EVERY time!

By Allan J. DeNiro


The Only Four Interview Questions Book Cover

BREAKING (GOOD) NEWS - The book is now available in

both eBook and Print versions 100% on Just 

go to one place, pick your option, pay and the rest is done.  EasyPeasy!  Many thanks to all who have already ordered.


"The 'Four Questions' approach is a refreshing take on selection interviewing.  It helps managers stay focused on the behaviors that will predict success on the job but opens the door for developing a better picture of the whole person.  It goes beyond the scope of many 'behavioral interviewing' techniques. It’s a quick read, but has the complexity and insight that comes from a seasoned executive’s perspective. Clearly recommended."


—  Hodges L. Golson PhD, Management Psychology Group and



Atlanta, Georgia

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Bringing Leaders an Energy & Perspective that will Always Challenge the Status Quo

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