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3 Things IKEA Does that Every Online Business Should Be Doing


Ikea is the absolute best example of how you should be running your online business. It sounds like big talk, but take a second. It's pretty damn incredible to think about how successful Ikea is when you think about their history, having started out nearly 80 years ago. But they’re proof that you don’t have to be the pinnacle of your industry (ie: Scandinavian design) to get your online business off the ground. 

There are exactly 3 reasons why most websites fail in producing sales for most entrepreneurs, whether you’re a consultant, coach, or expert within your field. 

Strong Messaging to Build the Customer Journey

The first cause for failure is a lack of effective messaging. Most people looking to start a website that sells a service or product, start by concentrating on design and branding and this is a huge mistake. 

Ikea didn’t become what they are because they concentrated on design or an amazing brand. They got to where they are because they have an amazing message. They take you on a journey every time you step foot in their stores and it’s an obligatory journey.  

From the moment you walk through the doors of their huge blue buildings, you are bombarded with beautiful solutions to your home’s most common problems. They do this by demonstrating exactly how you can get the house you want. This is all part of their customer journey. And their customer journey is long. 

Again, you’re obligated to walk through their showroom and visualize all of their products in the context of functionality. 

This functionality and utility of their products is their message, and Ikea understands that in order for that message to be conveyed they have to show how useful their products are in a beautiful and well-designed way. 

Sure, you could go to the dollar store and buy some candles and a table runner, but the flärdfull line of scented candles just look so perfect in their strategic placement on that bestå burs credenza that you and your wife can’t say no to the candles even if you’ll have to pass on the credenza that your husband swears would fit in your hallway. You’ll walk away with the candles and, perhaps another day, come back for that credenza. Screw those damn dollar store candles even if they come from the same factory in China. 

Effective Calls to Action

The second cause behind most website’s failure is effective use of calls to action. 

Not only, does IKEA, show you exactly how their products will change your mundane home life into a smorgasbord of practical Scandinavian design, but they know exactly how to get you to buy, by enticing you to take action. Point in case, remember those flärdfull candles that were so strategically placed on that beautiful bestå burs credenza? 

Well, it’s no coincidence that there happens to be a giant basket of 500 different assorted candles on sale, sitting right next to that credenza. Oh, how convenient!

Ikea understands that in order for that message to be conveyed they have to show how useful their products are in a beautiful and well-designed way. 

You and your husband would have been content with 2 of those candles. But since there’s a basket of 500 flärdfull in arms reach (and they happen to be on sale), 10 candles sounds much more necessary wouldn’t you say?

Incredible, Ikea has just managed to make you buy 10 of something you had no previous intention of buying. If the dollar store couldn’t make you buy the same candles, how the hell did Ikea manage to do that?

A Strong Sales Funnel

Not only is Ikea using their products on display to craft a really effective message, and their giant baskets of discounted items to persuade you to buy specific products that they have chosen for you to buy, they’re employing a methodology that the dollar store simply doesn’t do, they’ve created a sales funnel to lead you to the purchase. Have you ever thought about that long-ass mile-long aisle that Ikea makes you trek?

So maybe it’s not the idea you had of a Digital Marketing Funnel, but maybe it should be! Sure you can skip some parts of Ikea’s one-way aisle, but Ikea is forcing you to observe their messaging and calls to action throughout the entire duration of your visit, from the moment you enter their store. 

There is no way to not see those flärdfull candles placed on that beautiful credenza. You must succumb, and even if you don’t, someone in front of you or behind you has. And Ikea has calculated this predictability. Which is absolutely brilliant.

So Where Do You Go from Here?

So that’s it: Powerful messaging, easy Call-To-Action and a funnel designed to inspire your clients to purchase from you is the only thing stopping your website from becoming as profitable as Ikea. Of course, there are more moving parts to a great online strategy, but this is where to start. Now go enjoy some meatballs in the Ikea cafeteria and get to work on those three things. 

If you need help, here’s a free Kartra funnel, I’ve put together that i’m giving away for free. Kartra is the absolute best all-in-one online marketing tool for your online business if you’re a consultant, coach or expert in your field. It can link great with your blog or current website and give you the amazing ability to effortlessly create that funnel I was talking about.

Guest writer Ryan Turner is founder of Amplifi Strategy, a digital marketing company specializing in funnels based in Madrid, Spain. His specialty boils down to building bridges between your business and your customers. His company caters to consultants and experts looking to implement systems online that will increase lead generation, sales and client retention, ultimately through funnel marketing. If you’re looking to convert visitors into clients, check them out.

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